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Amith Garment Services is well-recognized as Textile Testing services and Lab Measuring instruments in Bangalore, India. Our equipment is calibration certified and each equipment comes with ASTM/BS/ISO international standards. We offer all types of textile machine repair services at a reasonable price.

Get the high-quality Color Matching Cabinet Machine at reasonable price with Amith Garment Services. The machines are designed according to customer requirements in Textile industry such that the machinery enhances all applications which require color consistency and quality.

Amith garment Services is the trusted manufacturers and Suppliers of pH meters in Bangalore, India. We offer calibration certified reliable pH meter that comes in handheld and portable, that can be can be highly used in laboratories, research organisation to monitor the pH level & measure parameter such as acidity, alkalinity of solutions in many industries and laboratories.

Amith garment services offer the foremost Yarn Testing Equipment’s which is used to test the physical properties of yarn such as yarn tensile strength, elongation, unevenness & imperfections in yarn, yarn count, and asses any twists in yarn & CSP factor.  

Are you looking for Shrinkage Testing/ Equipment /Shrinkage Templates and Scale to determine the shrinkage and strength of any types of fabrics, contact Amithgarment Services. The equipment is highly calibrated and user friendly, the template used in the instrument evaluate shrinkage without any counting and marking errors.

Find the best Colour Fastness testing equipment with Amith Garment services. The equipment is highly used by textile industry to check the loss and change of colour in fabric materials in various situations like rubbing, washing, sunlight and many more. The textile services & equipment’s are available at reasonable price.

Find the best-quality GSM Testing Machine at Amith Garment Services, which is one of the well-known manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of GSM Testing Machine in India. Our company machines are used to determine the GSM value (grams per square meter) of fabrics/fibre/yarn textile materials. Types of GSM testing machine available are GSM cutter, GSM cutter – round, GSM weighing balance, GSM pocke
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